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Fixing Green swimming pool water

First, you want to access the water level. The swimming pool water level needs to be at the tile line so that the water will go in the skimmer when you turn on pool equipment.

Second, you need to make sure the pool equipment works. So make sure you have power to the pool equipment and turn it on.

Third, you need to put chemicals in the swimming pool water to kill the green algea, swamp water. So, put 1 pound of shock in the pool. Also put 6 gallons of chlorine in the swimming pool water. After doing this perform a filter clean immediately and replace any broken parts in filter. Turn on equipment after filter clean and have the equipment run for 12 hours. Walk away and come back next day.

Fourth, now that it is next day. the filter will be full and the water will appear cleaner. Perform a filter clean immediately because it will be full of algae. Turn on pool equipment after filter clean and allow to run for 12 hrs. Check chemicals. The swimming pool water will need 4 gallons of chlorine. Walk away and come back next day.

Fifth, can you see the botom of the pool in the deep end? If so you are almost done. If not you will have to repeat step four until you do? No matter what you see, try to vacuum the shallow end and deep end best as you can. Then you a filter clean, it should be half full or full with debri and algae. Balance chemicals, probably will need 4 gallons of chlorine or none if your pool water looks clean enough to swim in.

Sixth, check conditioner levels in the swimming pool water and balance immediately. This help keep you chlorine level high enough so algae doesn't come back quickly.

Thanks, Ryan



Southern California

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