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Acid Washing a Swimming Pool

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Acid washing a swimming can be a great idea. It deep cleans your swimming pool plaster. It is extremely toxic that is why we wear a full respirator mask for our protection. An acid wash is so strong it will actually removes a small thin layer of plaster from your swimming pool. It will help remove stains, algae, discoloration of plaster. If your not happy with the look or appearance of your plaster then, an acid wash is the answer for you. If you just moved into a home with a pool and you want the pool to feel fresh, new and clean for your family and friends then, an acid wash is an answer for you. In Southern California we charge about $1,000.00 for an acid wash for a swimming pool. The process is the following,

Drain pool,

Pour Acid on plaster,

Vigorously scrub plaster with brush,

Rinse with fresh water,

Fill pool with fresh water,

Balance water with chemicals,

Perform first filter clean,

Perform second filter clean.

Your swimming pool is ready to swim!

Thanks, Ryan

Pound Pools


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