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Pools & Spa CLEANING Service

Safe, Trustworthy, Friendly Neighborhood Pool Man

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About Me

  Hello, I am Ryan Pound. I have been raised in Orange County and I am raising 3 children of my own in Orange County, California, USA

My whole family and I love to surf, spend time together as a family. 

  As your pool cleaner I will continue to provide you with quality cleaning services with a safe, trustworthy and friendly neighborhood approach. Your pool must be cleaned on a weekly basis or it can turn green real quick. So, that is where we as your pool technician come in. We will be loyal, dependable, professional, trustworthy, safe, clean and  respectful. We will share tips and suggestions on how to save you money and share with you tips on how to prolong the life of your pool and equipment. We will always  try to give you plenty of options so that you can make decisions that are best for your budget.

  Remember, its important for your pool  to have the following; working pool equipment for proper circulation, regular cleaning and balanced chemistry from adding chemicals in your pool. If you can't stay on top of these major important things on a weekly basis, call us today and we will take care of your swimming pool. If your pool has already gone GREEN. No problem. We can fix it. But call us ASAP because honestly its only going to get greener.      


How I Can

Help You

Weekly Maintenance

- Brush all walls and steps

- Net the surface

- Empty the skimmer basket

- Empty the pump basket

- Vacuum the floor

- Check and balance chemicals

- Check and adjust salt system

other services

- Chlorine wash: Removes algae spores       embedded in the plaster or Pebble Tec

- Acid wash: Removes stains, calcium,         and discoloration from plaster or             Pebble Tec

- Algae treatment

- On demand pool and spa cleaning

- Specializing in GREEN POOLS

Equipment sales & Install

- Pumps

- Heaters

- Filters

- Salt Systems

- Pool Cleaners

- Lights and Bulbs for Pools or Spas

- Skimmer and Pump Baskets

- Drain Covers

​- Poles, Nets, Brushes, Chemicals, and       Test Kits

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